MBS CODM Priority Admissions

Qualified students receive priority consideration with Roseman University’s 3-year Doctor of Dental Medicine program

Priority consideration in CODM admissions will include:

Application and interview coaching

Guaranteed CODM admissions interview

Priority application evaluation before December 15th

MBS students will receive priority consideration in CODM admissions contingent upon the following:

  • List MBS classes and projects as “work in progress” or “planned”
  • Submit a timely academic update to the AADSAS application at the end of first term.
  • Academic Average
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Perceptual Ability Test
  • Total Science composite
  • Most recently completed 30 credit hours of science course work (e.g., MBS science coursework at ≥ 90%)
  • Must be completed within the deadline listed in the invite email
  • Will not be offered assessment until all minimum requirements are met
  • A favorable recommendation from the MBS Graduate Studies Committee is required as part of the CODM application process.

*CODM offers of admission for MBS students are contingent upon successful program completion*