Inside the Hexagon Student Perspectives of the Roseman Six-Point Mastery Learning Model

Student Perspectives of the Roseman University Six-Point Mastery Learning Model®

Classroom as Teacher

Savannah Flores, PharmD Class of 2022

“I appreciate the layout of the classroom set-up and feel that I can personally benefit from being in the presence of each professor.”


Block Curriculum

Joshua KnaptonDMD/MBA Class of 2022

“I’ve loved being able to master and focus on one subject at a time.”

Krystal McCraw, ABSN Class of 2021

“I believe the Block Curriculum is a successful asset to Roseman’s unique education. I am able to put all my focus into one block at a time to master it, then I get to apply the previously learned knowledge to the next block.”

Anonymous, PharmD Class of 2023

“The Block Curriculum allows me, as a student, to completely master a subject before moving on. I find it a lot more difficult to juggle multiple subjects or concepts at once. Focusing on that one subject and achieving a high score in assessment will give me confidence in the knowledge that I have and will apply in my future career.”


Active & Collaborative Learning

Ashley Hinkle, DMD Class of 2023

“Active and Collaborative Learning is my favorite because so much can be learned from my colleagues taking the same class! Everyone learns differently, and it helps me to be able to fill in the spaces of my learning by talking to fellow colleagues! This learning style has helped me to grow more as a person and to become my best self ! I’ve learned so much about those around me and how much of an impact other people can have on your life!”


Competency-Based Education

Ella Cruz, DMD Class of 2023

“I like not competing with my colleagues. Since everyone has their own strengths, I think it has made my class closer because we are able to help each other without the stress.”


Assessment Learning

Will Sutherland, DMD Class of 2024

“Assessment Learning encourages true learning and provides students feedback and an opportunity to improve.”


Early Experiential Learning

Jeremy Coscolluela, BSN Class of 2020

“Early Experiential Learning is essentially learning in motion. It brings many textbook concepts to life.”

Adewale Ajulo, PharmD Class of 2022

“Early Experiential Learning helped me to settle in fast-er into the practical expectations of pharmacy practice, despite my limited background in the profession prior to joining the pharmacy program.”


Six-Point Mastery Learning

Blake Anderson, DMD Class of 2021

“The Roseman Six-Point Mastery Learning Model® has helped me learn better than in traditional education models. The material sticks better, and more profound understanding is achieved.”

Corey Hales, PharmD Class of 2022

“The Six-Point Mastery Learning Model® has helped me in compiling what I believe to be a fantastic study guide for the NAPLEX while simultaneously immersing me in the world of pharmacy in an order that has been relatable.”

Jesus Ernesto De LaVega, PharmD Class of 2021

“I look at the Six-Point Mastery Learning Model® as a way of organizing my thoughts. By focusing on one subject at a time, using tools or activities, and having early clinical experiences, it has prepared me for successful rotations with my preceptors. I know that it will carry me along throughout my career.”

Anonymous, ABSN Class of 2021

“This Six-Point Mastery Learning Model® has made me a more successful student and increased my confidence.”

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