Del E. Webb Foundation Grant to Support Roseman University College of Medicine’s DiscoverMed Program

The College of Medicine at Roseman University of Health Sciences has been awarded a $35,000 grant by The Del E. Webb Foundation to support the development and delivery of its DiscoverMed program, an immersive experience designed for high school students to stimulate interest in the basic sciences related to the health professions.

“We have great need for all of our health professions in the state of Nevada. Nursing in Nevada ranks last in the country in the number of nurses per 100,000 population. Pharmacists we are 38th, dentists 34th, and for physicians we are 48th,” said Roseman University Summerlin Campus Chancellor and College of Medicine Founding Dean Mark A. Penn, MD, MBA. “Our communities need more health care professionals. With the support of The Del E. Webb Foundation, we can further engage local high school students with interactive experiences that will promote awareness and interest in the health professions.”

A one-day education opportunity for current sophomore and junior high school students, the DiscoverMed program is predicated on learning experientially while developing critical thinking skills, deductive reasoning, teamwork, and presentation and public speaking skills under the guidance of health professional role models.

According to Ken Rosenthal, PhD, professor of basic medical sciences and director of microbiology and immunology for Roseman’s College of Medicine, the day begins with “Introduction to Clinical Problem Solving,” the process of making a correct diagnosis. Throughout the day, students continue to learn about and apply clinical problem solving.

“In groups led by physician role models, students are assigned a patient case study and obtain the relevant history through their own questions,” said Rosenthal. “The physicians lead the groups through four different basic science-based lab simulations directed by Roseman University College of Medicine faculty that help them explore health sciences and diagnose their patient.”

Students are taught how to analyze their patients’ clinical data to make a diagnosis. At the end of the program, each group will have an opportunity to describe their patient from the perspective of a different medical specialty (i.e. Family Medicine, Infectious Disease, etc.) during a presentation of their findings to their peers, teachers and parents in a Grand Rounds-like format, says Rosenthal.

“DiscoverMed provides a fun experience that reinforces the development of intellectual and academic skills, provides role models for pursuit of a career as a health professional and promotes students’ personal belief that they can succeed in the pursuit of such a career,” said Penn.

A pilot DiscoverMed session was held in April. The Del E. Webb Foundation grant will allow DiscoverMed to be officially launched beginning in June with the goal to make it an annual program available to high school students in southern Nevada.

About Roseman University of Health Sciences

Founded in Henderson, Nevada in 1999, Roseman University of Health Sciences is a non-profit, private institution of higher learning training the next generation of undergraduate and graduate level health care professionals that serve, collaborate and set new standards in their communities and within their professions. With campuses in Henderson, Summerlin and South Jordan, Utah, the University is comprised of the College of Dental Medicine, offering an Advanced Education in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics/MBA residency and Doctor of Dental Medicine program; College of Pharmacy, offering a Doctor of Pharmacy and Professional Continuing Education; College of Nursing, offering a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing; and an MBA program. Roseman University of Health Sciences will also offer a Doctor of Medicine through its College of Medicine, once it becomes accredited. More than 3,500 Roseman graduates are caring for patients, conducting research, and engaged in public health and policy in Nevada, Utah and across the country. Roseman University is regionally accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.

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Jason Roth