Hero Scholar: Diamante Boona

Diamante Boona of Las Vegas, Nevada is a Pharmacy Scholar at the Henderson campus supported by the Estate of Robert Stolman. Guided by the pursuit of community connection, Diamante’s volunteering journey ignited during her undergraduate years. Through the UNLV Buddies after-school program she discovered a shared struggle with math to motivate a student to overcome his learning hurdles. Witnessing the student’s transformation ignited her passion for uplifting underserved youth and reinforcing her commitment to community service. Inspired by her brother, Diamante stepped into leadership roles, including serving as treasurer for a pre-health organization at UNLV. Through managing budgets, resources, and networking opportunities, she learned responsibility and accountability firsthand. Facing a challenge during a crucial event preparation, she demonstrated resilience, empathy, and collaboration within her team to make it a success. Diamante’s experiences have spurred her determination to apply her leadership skills in healthcare. As a future pharmacist, she envisions creating an environment of success, driven by clear communication, understanding, and unity.