Hero Scholar: Kunla Young

Kunla Young, a Pharmacy Scholar supported by the Renee Holder Memorial Scholarship Fund, finds purpose in community volunteerism, learning early in life that volunteering not only uplifts her St. Paul, Minnesota community but also enriches her life. From her early days in soccer, she embodied positivity and camaraderie. As a Knight Crew leader and volleyball team captain in high school, she honed her skills in nurturing others, embracing diverse opinions, and uniting ideas into effective strategies. Transitioning to adulthood, her role as a shift lead at work during the pandemic showcased her adeptness at organization, communication, and problem-solving. Kunla envisions her leadership prowess seamlessly translating into the pharmacy profession. Empowered by her experiences, she aspires to join and eventually lead healthcare teams with confidence, openness, and innovative thinking. Kunla is enrolled in the Doctor of Pharmacy program at the Henderson campus.