College of Pharmacy’s Dr. Helen Park Appointed Chair of Nevada State Board of Pharmacy

March 4, 2020

Late last year, Helen Park, PharmD, Assistant Dean for Admissions and Student Affairs and Associate Professor for Roseman University’s College of Pharmacy was appointed Member and Chair of the Nevada State Board of Pharmacy by Governor Steve Sisolak for a term which began on November 1, 2019 and ends on October 31, 2022.

In the role, Dr. Park leads the seven-member board charged with enforcing Nevada statutes and administrative code regulating the practice of pharmacy to protect the health, safety and welfare of the public. This includes everything from pharmacists and pharmacy licensing, investigating and prosecuting public complaints, to tracking prescriptions for controlled substances.

“I am grateful to be appointed by Governor Steve Sisolak as a member of the Nevada State Board of Pharmacy and to serve as president of the board,” said Dr. Park. “I’m also proud to be working with board members and staff who are committed to the board’s important mission.”

Dr. Park, a Class of 2011 alum of the Roseman University College of Pharmacy, joined the College as Director of Admissions and Student Affairs in 2014 after nearly three years with Target pharmacies. She was named Assistant Dean of Admissions and Student Affairs in 2016, where she oversees recruitment and enrollment of students in the Doctor of Pharmacy program at the Henderson and South Jordan campuses. In addition, Dr. Park administers a $125,000 grant from CVS Health to raise awareness of pharmacy careers and increase the number of Hispanic/Latino applicants to the College of Pharmacy and to support the Hispanic/Latino population by improving access to education, career opportunities and healthcare. She also serves as faculty advisor to the Pilipinos Advancing Towards Health (PATH) student organization committed to promoting the representation of Filipinos and underrepresented groups in the healthcare field.

Dr. Park supports the profession of pharmacy through pharmacy education as a Member of the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy’s PharmCAS Advisory Committee and currently serves as Chair of the association’s Special Interest Group Cabinet focused on Student Services Personnel, which represents all aspects of student services activities within a college or school of pharmacy and brings together professional staff, faculty and administrators to discuss issues of importance in the student activities arena.

Jason Roth
Vice President, Communications