Our mission hasn’t changed. But we have a new way to tell our story.

December 8, 2021

Uniting the Heart & Science of Healthcare. A new way to tell our Roseman story. Your story.

At this important moment in our history, in the midst of the development of new programs, building out a new campus, and reaching deeper into the communities we serve, we are proud to re-introduce Roseman to the world with our new brand campaign: Uniting the Heart and Science of Healthcare. This campaign is an important part of the work we are doing as we build out our Summerlin campus, and launch our College of Medicine. We worked to develop the campaign this summer, tested five different campaigns among students and the general population, refined it, and then spent four days shooting on our campuses. We also fielded an awareness study in May, to better understand perceptions and awareness of Roseman in both Utah and Nevada.

Uniting the Heart & Science of Healthcare has been part of the Roseman DNA since our inception more than 20 years ago. Roseman, a relatively young institution, is unencumbered by legacy practices that exist in older institutions. We have always asked, “why” and challenged the ways “things have always been done.” Innovation and entrepreneurialism are part of who we are. That said, this is an Institution that also has nurtured and cared for its communities since its inception. Our students, faculty and staff have worked hard to serve our communities with empathy, caring and warmth. And Healthcare could certainly use more empathy, caring and warmth.

We believe empathy should be part of a cutting-edge curriculum. We believe that clinical skills and compassion go hand in hand.  We believe that our students, employees and patients are at the Heart of everything we do.  We believe that Roseman unites the Heart and Science of Healthcare.

Everything we do connects back to our mission. While our mission is multifaceted and complex, it can be expressed in 9 simple words. Transforming Education. Reimagining Healthcare. Embracing Discovery. Committed to Community. This brand expression provides a memorable device to expand perceptions about who we are and what we do. You may have already seen the new campaign coming to life around campus, in our community, or online. The campaign uses television, print, partnerships, outdoor, and digital media in its media mix. Our new messaging will help us tell our story in a clearer, more compelling, and more authentic way, using the real people of Roseman.

The Heart of Roseman is you, our family. It’s providing innovative, high-quality, and compassionate care to the communities we serve. That is why you and your stories are at the center of this work. Our new Stories hub will continue to highlight the amazing journeys and outcomes taking place around us.

We invite you to help tell your Roseman story! Tell your story by using #TheHeartofRoseman on social media to share your Roseman experience and how you plan to impact the world! Check out Roseman.edu/HeartofRoseman to see some of our students’ incredible stories and personal journeys. We are so very proud of them. The wonderful work we do – our patient and employee stories, are all part of how this campaign will grow.

And now, a few thanks and acknowledgements. Thank you to President Renee Coffman and the Board of Trustees for giving us the opportunity to showcase the people of Roseman. Thank you to my talented team, Rachael Thomas and Emelia Enquist, for your hard work and passion for showcasing our people and telling our Roseman story.  Thank you to Jason Roth for taking our campaign and adapting it to things we can use, like Powerpoint templates, social media frames, and RU life templates. Synergy in branding makes our investments work harder and make our impact all that more great.  Thank you to Ameiha Johnson, COP ‘23, for her beautiful spirit and voice – the voice of our television spots and to Ronald Herbes, for assisting us in recording her.  And thank you to the students and employees who trusted us to photograph them and to tell their stories with dignity.

We look forward to seeing how this campaign continues to evolve and to sharing your victories, challenges and triumphs through our Roseman stories.

Thanks to all of you for what you do, and have a wonderful holiday season!

By Vanessa Maniago
Vice President, Strategic Implementation and Engagement