Roseman Poised to Open Pharmacy Compounding Research & Education Center

January 4, 2017

Roseman University South Jordan, Utah campus is poised to open, pending approval from the Board of Trustees, a Pharmacy Compounding Research & Education Center (PCREC) run by Co-Directors Drs. Venkata Yellepeddi and Casey L. Sayre. The PCREC will be dedicated to advancing the science and practice of pharmacy compounding by producing research and providing education to fulfill the need for safe, effective, and innovative compounded pharmaceuticals. The PCREC will offer quality testing of compounded preparations and pre-formulation and formulation services.

“As the focus on personalized medicine intensifies and the demand for safe and effective personalized medications grows, there is a corresponding advance in the research base, technology, and practice of pharmacy compounding,” said Sayre.

Pharmacy compounding involves designing, formulating, and preparing a non-commercially available medication specific to the needs of an individual patient.

“The PCREC will educate students to meet this need by providing advanced pharmaceutical compounding education,” said Yellepeddi. “Additionally, the PCREC will be dedicated to advancing the art and science of pharmacy compounding by conducting cutting edge research, consulting on the formulation of complex dosage forms and drugs on shortage, and offering quality testing of compounded preparations to regional pharmacies and healthcare institutions.”

Compounding pharmacies are required to abide by guidelines issued by the United States Pharmacopeial Convention (USP) for the quality assessment of their compounded preparations. Testing of compounded preparations is a required component of all quality assurance programs, according to USP Chapter 1163. Currently, many compounding pharmacies seek out quality testing of end products from contract laboratories to demonstrate their commitment to safety and accuracy for both patients and providers, and in anticipation of future regulation.

In addition, patient safety concerns spurred the passing of the Compounding Quality Act in November 2013. This act has led to increased scrutiny of compounding pharmacies by the FDA. In a regulatory environment that is rapidly evolving, an academic center to advance the science and practice of pharmacy compounding through quality testing of compounded pharmaceuticals is needed. In short, the PCREC elevates the quality of pharmacy compounding and thereby improves patient health and outcomes.

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Rachael Wadley, MBA
Marketing Director – South Jordan campus
Roseman University of Health Sciences