Roseman’s 2nd Annual Research Symposium Features Over 100 Presentations

March 10, 2016

It is only the second year that Roseman University has hosted a Research Symposium, but this year’s event was a tremendous success. Building on the groundwork from last year, the 2016 Symposium featured more than 100 posters and podium presentations from student and faculty researchers at all three of Roseman’s campuses in Summerlin and Henderson, Nev. and South Jordan, Utah, as well as research from Touro University in Henderson, Nev.

Keynote Speakers: Translational Research

The event began with keynote presentations at each campus on the topic of Translational Research by Dr. Jane Dyer in South Jordan and Dr. Melanie Nicol in Henderson. Dr. Dyer is the Belle S. Spafford Endowed Chair at University of Utah in the College of Social Work and the Vice Presidential Clinical and Translational Scholar in the College of Nursing. Dr. Nicol is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology at the University of Minnesota. Both spoke about the importance of translational research and its impact on patient populations by being able to get potentially life-saving research from the bench and laboratory to the real world sooner. Right now the average amount of time that it takes for a breakthrough discovery to get from the laboratory to patients is about 17 years, according to Dr. Dyer, so translational research efforts aim to reduce that gap.

Interprofessional Research Panel

Following the keynote, Roseman University faculty participated in a panel to discuss the future of interprofessional research and education, highlighting the opportunity that we have as an institution to encourage students and faculty to conduct research with others outside of their academic unit and with partners in the community, bringing in new perspectives and positioning themselves for grants and funding opportunities that are increasingly available for multi- and cross-disciplinary research projects.

In Henderson the panel included:

  • Dr. David Rawlins, Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences in the College of Pharmacy
  • Dr. Christopher Burns, Associate Professor of Biomedical Sciences in the College of Medicine
  • Dr. Jene Hurlbut, Professor in the College of Nursing
  • Dr. Kishore Chaudhry, Research Associate Professor in the College of Medicine

In South Jordan the panel included:

  • Dr. Frank Licari, Dean of the College of Dental Medicine
  • Dr. Aaron Ferguson, Director of Public Health Sciences Education and Assistant Professor in the College of Dental Medicine
  • Dr. Casey Sayre, Assistant Professor in the College of Pharmacy
  • Nena Schvaneveldt, Head Librarian and Reference and Instruction Librarian at the South Jordan campus

Poster Presentations

There were 41 poster presentations from students and faculty at Roseman University and Touro University at the Henderson campus. In addition, there were eight podium presentations with a variety of topics in the areas of science and educational research:

  • Ranjana Mitra, PhD – Role of lipid metabolism genes DGAT1 and ABHD5 in prostate cancer growth
  • Shaun Nolette, PharmD/MBA Candidate 2017 – Zerumbone inhibits growth of paclitaxel resistant ovarian cancer cells by inhibiting Jak2/Stat3 signaling pathway
  • Jessica Yang, DO Candidate, Touro University – Phenotypic Characterization of Pain Relieving NSAID-Serotonin Conjugates In Vivo
  • Sanford H. Barsky, MD – A Metastasis Caught in the Act: A Proposed Mechanism for Lymphovascular Invasion of Human Breast Cancer
  • Krystal Riccio, PharmD, BCACP – Evaluating student success and confidence to Choose All That Apply questions
  • Stephanie Wragg, PhD – Adapting elements of a comprehensive leadership training program to reach a greater audience via conference workshops
  • Marie Wright, EdD, MSN, RN – Predictors of student success in block immersion, mastery learning BSN program
  • April Cole, DDS, AEODO/MBA Resident 2016 – The Economic Feasibility of Pursuing Post-Doctoral Education in Orthodontics

In South Jordan, students and faculty from Roseman University submitted 55 posters and four podium presentations:

  • Nishika Patel, PharmD Candidate 2016 – Potential Bromocriptine induced mania in a patient being treated for a pituitary tumor
  • Derek Dutson, DMD Candidate – Gingival epithelial cells exposed to cigarettes smoke extract induce RAGE-mediated inflammation
  • Allen Le, Jalee Farr, PharmD Candidates 2016 – Time and cost savings of implementing an automatic renal dosing protocol
  • Venkata Yellepeddi, PhD – Population pharmacokinetics of Amikacin in pediatric oncology patients


The event included judges who reviewed poster presentations for visual presentation, scientific merit and clarity of the research, and oral presentation. Winners were chosen at each campus and received a certificate of recognition and a prize.

Henderson winners:

  • Best Resident presentation – Dr. Myat Htut, DDS
  • Student presentation, 1st place – Daniel Dilanji (Advisor – Dr. Arup Chakraborty, COP)
  • Student presentation, 2nd place – Todd Nagamine (Advisor- Dr. Chris So, COP)

South Jordan winners:

  • Bench Science, 1st place – Nate Harward, College of Dental Medicine
  • Bench Science, 2nd place (tie) – Justin Durrant, College of Dental Medicine and Annh Vo, College of Pharmacy
  • Clinical Science, 1st place – Megan Corsi, College of Pharmacy
  • Best Practices, Descriptive, 1st place – Danielle Nguyen, College of Pharmacy
  • Best Practices, Evaluative, 1st place – Debbie Beckstrom, College of Pharmacy
  • Best Practices, Evaluative, 2nd place – James Le, College of Pharmacy

Thank you to EISC Lab Data Automation for their generous sponsorship for the Research Symposium awards and their recognition of our students’ research achievements.

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