Scholarship of Teaching and Learning at Roseman

April 5, 2017

SoTL stands for the “Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.” People who engage in SoTL study ways to make teaching and learning more effective. According to Ernest Boyer, author of “Scholarship Reconsidered: Priorities of the Professoriate,” SoTL is an emerging movement of scholarly thought and action that draws on the reciprocal relationship between teaching and learning at the post-secondary level. The Society of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education states, “SoTL invites professionals to examine their own classroom practice, record their successes and failures, and ultimately share their experiences so that others may reflect on their findings and build upon teaching and learning processes.”

The way Roseman implements innovative educational practices makes it a fertile location for SoTL; yet, up until now, there has been no systematic mechanism for Roseman faculty interested in SoTL to meet, collaborate, and learn from one another.

“Over the last 10 years, research on SoTL has grown tremendously. Faculty across all professions are interested in finding out what the best evidence is for teaching and student learning,” said Catherine Cone, Roseman’s College of Pharmacy associate professor. “Roseman’s innovative model offers opportunities for faculty to study best practices in alternative teaching and learning methods.”

Roseman’s innovative model is known as the Six-Point Mastery Learning Model. This Model consists of Block Curriculum, Active and Collaborative Learning, Competency-based Education, Assessment Learning, Early Experiential Learning, and a Classroom Design that facilitates learning. All of these components reinforce one another, and contribute to an unparalleled educational environment.

Due to the uniqueness of Roseman’s Six-Point Mastery Learning Model, a SoTL interest group on the South Jordan Campus was created, which allows faculty to share opportunities, provide support and feedback to one another on current projects, and to discuss topics relevant to SoTL.

The creation of this SoTL interest group directly supports the Roseman Strategic Plan’s development of a Center for Innovation in Healthcare Education. The Center, currently in the early stages of development, will assist in development of scholarly research in education, and support faculty discoveries around the Six-Point Mastery Learning Model. The Center will be a breeding ground for faculty educational research and discovery and will allow us to continue to lead in the area of innovation in healthcare education. The SoTL group is already generating new ideas and discovery.

“It seems like I always get new ideas by attending the SoTL interest group meetings, whether it is from someone making a comment about my project that I hadn’t thought of, or simply listening to the ways others are going about identifying and answering their own research questions,” said Tyler Rose, Roseman College of Pharmacy associate professor of pharmaceutical sciences.

The group meets on a monthly basis. Generally, the group discusses the progress of each other’s research projects and suggest ways to overcome challenges. The group has also had guest speakers, such as Jamie Jensen from Brigham Young University, who came and gave a talk on her research into the effects different types of assessment questions have on student learning. In the future, the SoTL group hopes to provide an avenue for people to get feedback on presentations, manuscripts, and grant applications related to their SoTL research.

Rachael Wadley, MBA
Marketing Director
Roseman University of Health Sciences