South Jordan Report – September 2021

September 8, 2021

I have been Chancellor of the South Jordan, Utah campus for three months and oh has the time flown by! I take that as an indication of how much I have enjoyed coming to work and getting to know the University community. I feel so privileged to be a part of such a great cause and to be working alongside such great people. I was drawn to Roseman University because of its core values, vision for the future, and clear mission. I am happy to report that Roseman is as advertised! We are truly committed to becoming the first choice among best-in-class institutions. We are working hard to become universally recognized as an innovative, transforming force in health care education, and a as a vibrant, stimulating place to work and learn. We are driven by our unified commitment to students, alumni, patients, and community members.

My family and I are coming from Tennessee and our cross-county move has introduced us to many exciting “firsts.” The most yummy “firsts” have come from trying a Nielsen’s custard concrete and a J. Dawgs hotdog, but some of the most meaningful “firsts” have happened at Roseman University. I will describe three of them here:

First, I have attended the white coat ceremonies for both the College of Pharmacy and the College of Dental Medicine. These are inspiring celebrations where we invite our new students to join us in the collegial pursuit of academic accomplishment, clinical skill, and patient care. I am not a pharmacist or dentist by profession, so I was thrilled when I received honorary membership into the white coat wearing club and I now proudly hang my white coat in my office.

Second, I have participated in new student orientations for Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Nursing, and Dentistry. I am amazed at the diversity and talent of our new students. In one group of students I met individuals from Iraq, Syria, Nepal, Navajo Nation, and Utah! The common denominators of all the students I have met are enthusiasm, talent, and a desire to serve. Many new students have also informed me that they are excited to learn in the Six-Point Mastery Learning Model.

Third, I have witnessed my first Back to School Brush-up. Wow! What an incredible service to our community. And to think, this activity is entirely planned and run by our students! I watched hundreds of children with their parents come to Roseman University to receive a free comprehensive exam, x-rays, and up to $50 of additional care. In addition to exceptional dental care, our students also provided Spanish interpretation services and even a dental themed fair with games and prizes.

While it is natural to experience “firsts” in any new job, my goal is to fulfill our core values by creating an environment where we are continuously experiencing “firsts” as a campus community. Through innovation, a commitment to excellence, and calculated risk-taking, we should always be experiencing “firsts.” I look forward to working with each of you as we continue to change and prepare for the future. Together we can achieve our vision of becoming the first choice among best-in-class universities!


Jeremy Wells, JD
Chancellor, South Jordan Campus