SPECTRUM – Podium Presenters and Winners of Roseman University’s 10th Annual Research Symposium

March 11, 2024 By Staff

On Wednesday, February 21, Roseman University held its 10th Annual Research Symposium simultaneously on the Henderson and South Jordan campuses. Open to the public, the event featured hundreds of research posters and three podium presentations at each campus by Roseman students, residents, faculty, preceptors, and guests from other institutions from the surrounding region and around the World.

This year’s research abstracts covered a wide range of topics in various areas including bench-top science, clinical research, and educational research. They independently and collectively represented prodigious planning, methodical execution, and deeply insightful findings covering everything from oral health to cancer and infectious diseases.

Podium Presenters included:

Henderson Campus

  • “Evaluating the Impact and Utility of Medicare Assistance Program (MAP) Training among Roseman University of Health Science Graduates,” presented by Robin Reed, PharmD Candidate, Class of 2025, Roseman University College of Pharmacy
  • “Appropriate Child Motor Vehicle Restraint Use Increases with Education,” presented by Nicholas Mason, Sunrise Health GME Consortium – Trauma Services
  • “Detection and relative quantitation of changes in gene expression of matrix metalloproteases (MMPs) in Doxorubicin-exposed human cells by RT-qPCR,” presented by Kent Do, PharmD Candidate, Class of 2025, Roseman University College of Pharmacy

South Jordan Campus

  • “Evaluating EEG Monitoring of Standard TMS Intervention for Anxiety,” presented by Jacob Warner, Noorda College of Osteopathic Medicine
  • “Pathological Effects of Electronic Cigarette Exposure in Mouse Pregnancies,” presented by Evan Clark, Brigham Young University
  • “Availability of Receptors for Advanced Glycation End-products (RAGE) Influences Differential Transcriptome Expression in Mice Exposed to Chronic Secondhand Smoke,” presented by Ryan Van Slooten, Brigham Young University

Faculty, student and resident poster presentations were judged by panels of internal Roseman faculty and external researchers. The winners were announced at the close of the events, and included:

Henderson Campus

  • Zecharia De Silva, Roseman University College of Pharmacy, 1st Student-Presented
  • Syed Hamza Naqvi, Touro University Nevada, 2nd Student-Presented
  • Alexandra Van Stone, Roseman University College of Nursing, 3rd Student-Presented
  • Ashley Bantad, MountainView Hospital, 1st Resident-Presented
  • Victor Byers, Sunrise Health GME Consortium, 2nd Resident-Presented
  • Parker Grossman, Roseman University College of Pharmacy, 3rd Resident-Presented
  • Vineet Sadarangani, Touro University Nevada, 1st Research-In-Progress
  • Cole Davidson, Touro University Nevada, 2nd Research-In-Progress
  • Sarah Legrand, Touro University, Nevada, 3rd Research-In-Progress

South Jordan Campus

  • Christina Small, Noorda College of Osteopathic Medicine, 1st Student-Presented
  • Cody Vaughn Gibson, William Woods University, 1st Student-Presented
  • Yvonne Russell, Noorda College of Osteopathic Medicine, 2nd Student-Presented
  • Amber Zafar, Noorda College of Osteopathic Medicine, 2nd Student-Presented
  • Chelsea Amaefuna, Noorda College of Osteopathic Medicine, 3rd Student-Presented
  • Sandra Farag, Roseman University, 3rd Student-Presented