University Creates Alumni Board of Advisors

April 11, 2012
A Roseman University Alumni Board of Advisors has been established to cultivate a cadre of prominent alumni leaders to assist in raising awareness of, and standing as outstanding examples of, Roseman’s innovative educational philosophy.
Board members share their unique expertise, inform development and communication strategies, and serve as advocates for educational priorities and community outreach efforts. Board members generously support the most critical priorities at Roseman and educate the Nevada and Utah communities about the University’s mission and impact.
  • Represent the voice and perspective of the University’s alumni body to the University as a whole and specific academic units
  • Serve as an Roseman ambassador, raising awareness among industry leaders, professional associations, and colleagues and friends of Roseman’s mission and goals, research advances, and community service efforts
  • Become familiar with Roseman “Key Facts” document and read remEDy magazine with the intent to provide suggestions for improving the publication
  • Participate in Alumni Board programs, and Roseman community-based activities and social events benefiting the University as feasible
  • Sign up for Roseman’s social media content (on Facebook, Twitter, and You Tube) as feasible
  • Promote participation in Roseman alumni programs and contributions to the University, and other means by which individuals and businesses can support and advocate for Roseman

Alumni interested in joining the Board of Advisors can get more information and sign up online.