Roseman Insurance Year: August 1 – July 31
Sponsored by: United Healthcare Student Resources
Plan: UHC Choice Plus (PPO)
Insurance Broker: Relation Insurance Services

Each academic year, students must take action to either agree to take the plan through the school SHIP OR submit an eligible waiver. To enroll in SHIP, please see the steps below:

  • If you intend to enroll in the plan then no action is required of you as your information was forwarded to the broker.
  • You can access your ID card (link) about a week or two after the effective date.
  • If you experience any problems waiving in the Student Health Insurance Plan, please email insurance@roseman.edu (include your first and last name and your program/class).

Enrolling Spouse/Dependents

Students who are enrolled in the plan through Roseman AND wish to add an eligible spouse or dependent must contact the broker directly as this is not handled through the school.

2022-2023 DEPENDENT COSTS (link)

Questions: Relation Customer Service: 1-800-537-1777 or customerservice.la@relationinsurance.com

Enrolling in the Roseman SHIP After Losing Access to Another Health Plan

Students who experience an involuntary loss of previous coverage (e.g., divorce, change or loss of job, turn 26 years old, no longer eligible for Medicaid, etc.) may be eligible to enroll in the Roseman Student Health Insurance Plan if they provide the appropriate documentation to Roseman’s SHIP broker, Relation. If you lost access to another health plan and you would like to see if you are eligible to enroll in the Roseman plan, please contact: Relation Customer Service: 1-800-537-1777 or customerservice.la@relationinsurance.com

You will receive a bill from the Bursar’s Office when you have been added to the plan. Questions regarding payment for the plan should be directed to the Bursar’s Office: bursar@roseman.edu

Continuation of Coverage after Graduation

Students who are interested in remaining enrolled in the Roseman SHIP immediately after graduation should contact: Relation Customer Service: 1-800-537-1777 or customerservice.la@relationinsurance.com