Information on what you need to know as a new student at Roseman University.

Welcome to Roseman University of Health Sciences! During your scheduled orientation (this is organized by your academic unit) the Technology Services Help Desk will be providing you with a technology orientation. During orientation, we:

Technology Services does not support personal equipment. In order to receive support on your equipment, you will need to bring in your Roseman-issued equipment.

Roseman purchases the required equipment in advance for all students. Ownership is transferred on the first day of class. More information on this can be found in the Student Catalog.

If you are a PharmD/MBA student, you will be issued your equipment when your MBA Program begins because you will start the MBA curriculum prior to pharmacy. 

*You must be financially cleared by the Bursar and/or Financial Aid office in order to receive equipment. This does not apply to MBA only students as MBA students are not issued equipment from Roseman.