Communicating Roseman University's core values and expectations. University Policies

This page serves as a central database for Roseman University of Health Sciences policies, including but not limited to those listed in the Student Catalog. These policies have broad application throughout the University to help ensure coordinated compliance with applicable laws and regulations; to promote operational efficiencies; and enhance Roseman University’s mission. Policies pertaining to individual colleges or programs may be found in their respective student handbooks.

Polices are listed in Alphabetical Order under each section. An Adobe PDF reader is required to view/download policy documents. Policies listed with Student Password or Employee Password icon link to external secured site requiring password to access. Secure Student policies require a Canvas password. Secure Employee policies require an ADP password. All employees have been added to Canvas and may access the secure Student policies using your usual Roseman University login credentials.



Academic Appointment and Contract PoliciesEmployee Password
Academic Freedom Policy
Access Badge Policy
Annual Notice of Roseman Drug and Alcohol Policy
Commencement Decorum Policy
Computer and Network Acceptable Usage Policy
Computer Hardware Policy
Conflict of Interest PolicyEmployee Password
Consensual Relationships Policy
Consulting and Outside Activities PolicyEmployee Password
Directory Information (FERPA) Policy
Duplicate Diplomas-Certificates Policy
Employee and News Media PolicyEmployee Password
Employee Travel PolicyEmployee Password
Employee Tuition Assistance and Remission PolicyEmployee Password
Equal Opportunity Employment Policy
Establishment and Review of Centers and Institutes PolicyEmployee Password
Firearms and Weapons Policy
Food and Beverage Policy
Grade Recommendation PolicyEmployee Password
Harassment PolicyEmployee Password
Latex Allergy Policy
Maximum Length of Supplemental Administrative Faculty Contract PolicyEmployee Password
Multimedia Recording Policy
Non-Discrimination Policy
Notice of Requirement to Check Student Email on a Daily Basis PolicyStudent Password
Political Activities of University Employees PolicyEmployee Password
Readmission for Service Members Policy
Reporting and Investigative Process for Allegations of Employee Non-Academic MisconductEmployee Password
Requesting Reasonable Accommodations PolicyEmployee Password
Roseman and Dell Programs for New Students Policy
Service Animal Policy
Sexual Misconduct Policy
Sick Leave Bank PolicyEmployee Password
Social Media Policy
Statement of Principals of Free Expression
Student Contact Card PolicyStudent Password
Student’s Guest Policy
Student Online Presence PolicyStudent Password
Student Right to Know PolicyStudent Password
Student Transporation PolicyStudent Password
Substance Abuse Policy
Suicide Prevention Policy
Title IX Policies Addressing Sexual Harrassment
Tobacco Free Policy
University Email Use Policy and ProceduresEmployee Password
University Student Professionalism Board (USPB) Policy
Use of Copyrighted Works Policy
Vehicle Use PolicyEmployee Password
Whistleblower Policy – Reporting Suspected Misconduct



Distribution of Indirect Cost Recovery FundsEmployee Password
Faculty – Staff Laboratory AccessEmployee Password
Incentive PaymentEmployee Password
IRB Review Process PolicyEmployee Password
Patents and other Intellectual PropertyEmployee Password
Student Laboratory Access PolicyStudent Password