Information on the software and hardware provided by the university.



Students have access to the following software:

  • Canvas LMS
  • Clinical software (where applicable)
  • EndNote
  • Examplify / ExamSoft (where applicable)
  • Microsoft Office 365 Please follow the installation instructions to install on another Windows computer.
  • NetCommunity (Admissions and Student Forms Portal)
  • NetClassroom (Academic and Online Billing Portal)
  • NetPartner (Financial Aid Portal)
  • Poll Everywhere
  • Windows Defender
  • Xerox Papercut (for printing services)


Employees software includes, but is not limited to:

  • Adobe Acrobat Professional
  • Canvas LMS
  • Clinical software (where applicable)
  • EndNote
  • Examplify / ExamSoft (where applicable)
  • Microsoft Office 2016 Suite
  • PaperSave (where applicable)
  • Poll Everywhere
  • Qualtrics
  • SPSS
  • Student and Financial Information Systems (where applicable)
  • Xerox Papercut


Student Laptops:

Roseman University of Health Sciences understands that computers are a critical component to your successful academic experience and that the investment you make in developing strong technology skills will have a direct impact on your professional future. To support your quest for excellence as a student and a graduate, Roseman has introduced the 1:1 (pronounced one to one) Student Computing Initiative, designed to help you affordably acquire, maintain and use a laptop computer throughout your academic career. 1:1 means a new Dell laptop computer package will be provided to you upon matriculation. These packages include an extended battery and service warranty, onsite support, just-in-time repair, and discounted software bundles you’ll need for your classes. The computer will be procured by Roseman, with ownership being transferred to each student once all appropriate fees are received. 

Loss or Theft of the Laptop:

In the event of loss or theft, you will need to contact the Technology Services Help Desk to initiate the replacement laptop procedure. If the loss or theft occurs on campus, in addition to contacting the Technology Services Help Desk, you will also need to contact the University’s Facilities Management unit to fill out an incident form.

It is recommended that you check with your (or your parent’s) renter’s or homeowner’s insurance to get coverage for the laptop in case of loss or theft of the computer.  If the insurance companies ask for a “bill of sale” for the laptop, you can use your Roseman University Payment Agreement to provide proof of payment.  If additional information is needed, the User Services Director can provide the student with a letter stating the make, model, serial number, and the cost you are responsible for in case of loss or theft of the computer.

The laptop replacement charge will be added to your tuition. Loaner laptops may be checked out for a maximum of two weeks while the replacement laptop is being ordered/processed.

Full policy: 1:1 Student Computing Initiative

Employee Equipment:

Roseman University of Health Sciences computer equipment is intended to support and enhance the academic mission and administrative functions of the University. The objective of the computer hardware policy is to:

  • bring a systematic approach to the acquisition and disposal of computer equipment;
  • standardize equipment to maximize maintenance and support efforts; and,
  • provide a cost-effective solution while still accommodating the business needs of the university.

To accommodate varying needs in administration, instruction, and research computing, while avoiding excessive variability and cost in equipment and software, university computing purchases shall be standardized to Dell computer equipment (Windows Operating System).

Specific computer hardware (e.g., Macintosh) will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the Vice President for Technology Services, or designee. Determination of which system to choose shall be dependent upon the defined use and a compelling demonstration of the need which cannot be met with the default windows computer. Additional costs associated with the purchase acquisition, software licenses, and support will be charged to the unit.

Full policy: Computer Hardware Policy


Technology Services can accommodate specific tablet needs for those employees that are authorized to have them. The current standard tablets include iPads and Surface Pros.