4 Tips for Staying Organized in College

College is the perfect time for students to learn and grow in more than just academic ways. While success in higher education is important, it is not always easy to achieve without a measure of personal discipline. One of the most important life skills that you can learn in college that can serve you well in the future is organization. If you struggle with staying organized at school, here are a few tips to help.

1. Use Planning Tools

You can purchase a planner or agenda at the beginning of the school year, and today you can find several productivity apps available that will help you organize your schedule. When you have several different commitments, projects, and service activities throughout the school year it can be difficult to keep track. Use the planner or productivity app to keep track of due dates, tests and other important deadlines.

2. Utilize Your Cell Phone

Almost all university students have cell phones in this day and age, and almost all cell phones have calendars and reminder features. You can utilize those features for your benefit and stay organized. You may assume that you’ll just remember a big event, but setting a reminder can ensure that you won’t forget.

3. Implement Color Coding

The college lifestyle is often fast and furious, which can be detrimental to your educational success if you aren’t organized. Using color coding for your school supplies can be very helpful when you need to rush to class. Keep all of your notebooks, folders and binders in one color scheme for each of your subjects so you can maintain some organization.

4. Take Care of Yourself

It is hard to be organized when you are worn out physically. Taking the time to get enough sleep, exercise and eat healthy food can keep you on top of your game and ready to work hard.

Becoming more organized is sure to pay off in the end, so make sure that you reward your efforts when you see the good results.