In a database daze?

Research with confidence this November with Roseman University Library

Competent patient care begins with a solid foundation of well researched, evidence-based practice. Even the simplest of assignments can inspire confusion and anxiety if you aren’t sure where to start. Fortunately, Roseman University Library has already gathered together many excellent databases and online resources. Organized to ensure ease of access, our online resources make gathering evidence straightforward so you can continue studying with confidence.

All Databases and Online Resources

Where to start

To access the complete list of databases and online resources, first begin by navigating to the main Roseman website and selecting the Library tab. From our main page, look for our Start Your Research Here section near the top of the page and then select All Databases & Online Resources from the options below. Alternatively, you can also click here to go directly to the list.

Navigating our list is simple. All resources are listed in alphabetical order by name and include short descriptions. You can also filter the list by subject, resource type, vendor, or perform a quick search by title.

Beside the name of each resource is a symbol designed to help you quickly identify the resource type.

Some mobile apps are only available on certain types of mobile devices, which are indicated by two different symbols.

Directions on accessing the mobile versions of these resources can be found on our Mobile Apps guide.

But what if I need to….?

If you’re not already sure which online database or resource you need, it can be tricky to determine where to begin even if you’ve located the available options. The best approach is to select your database based on which task you are trying to accomplish. Your campus’ library staff are always happy to assist you in selecting the best resource for your task.

  • Need to find an article, study, or clinical trial?

A great place to start is Discovery, which searches the library’s books, e-books, and journal collections in one convenient location. Another extensive database is PubMed, which provides over 20 million citations for health science articles as well as links to full text versions. MEDLINE searches a larger set of sources than PubMed and offers more guidance for building search structures. By accessing it through Ovid, you can also simultaneously search a collection of e-books and journals.

Occasionally, it may help to narrow your list of resources by specialty. For nursing specific articles, CINAHL provides full text links to over 550 journals. For dental specific resources, Dentistry and Oral Sciences Source offers indexing and abstracts for over 210 journals.

  • Need to compare medications, chemical compounds, or find drug information?

Roseman University Library offers access to several drug compendia, such as Facts & Comparisons, Micromedex, Clinical Pharmacology, & Lexi-Comp. For a complete list, please visit our Pharmacy Guide.

  • Need to study for an exam or take a practice test?

To study for the NCLEX exam, your best bet would be one of our newest resources NCLEX Exam Prep from Prep Step which provides specialized study aids and practice tests. More online resources and a link to all of the NCLEX exam prep books in our collection can be found on the Nursing Guide. To prepare for the NAPLEX exam, APhA Pharmacy Library provides study guides, textbooks, and practice tests. The Pharmacy Guide includes other online and physical resources to prepare for the NAPLEX. For all other exams, please contact the library directly for more information.

Oh no! Common issues and other frequently asked questions

I keep clicking on the full text link but it won’t show me the article!

In this case, you’re likely not logged in properly and thus don’t have access yet to Roseman specific resources. Ensure that you’re logged in with your Roseman network account before attempting to access external sources or webpages. Your username usually is your first initial plus your last name (John Doe’s username would be jdoe) and your password should be your standard Roseman network password. If you do not know your password, please contact Help Desk Services.

In some cases, we may just not have access to the full text version of that particular article. To request the article, please complete an interlibrary loan request or visit your campus library for a consultation to discuss your options.

PubMed won’t let me access anything!

The most likely reason you cannot properly access PubMed resources is that you are not logged in to your My NCBI account. Be sure to register for your account as soon as possible, though be aware that this account exists independently of your main Roseman network account. Click the link labeled “Sign in to NCBI” in the upper right hand corner to login. If the problem persists, please make sure you’ve included Roseman University in your Link Out filter or double-check our handy My NCBI Guide.

My browser keeps telling me it cannot connect to the proxy server!

Try clearing your search history or cache before attempting to access the page again. For more information on how to do this, please see our Off-Campus Resource Access Guide.

The mobile app says I need a code!

Some of our mobile apps require a code to access their full range of features. We currently offer mobile codes for Micromedex and Lexicomp, although Lexicomp codes are only available to faculty members. Please visit your campus library to receive the code or if you have any additional questions.

I need help finding the right article!

Our librarians are happy to help you track down the information you need. Feel free to email any questions you have to Anna Ferri (aferri@roseman.edu), call us (801-878-1020 for South Jordan or 702-968-2040 for Henderson), or visit your campus library’s location for a consultation.

If you have any questions regarding our digital resources, please visit our main website, stop by your campus library in person, or feel free to Ask the Library.

Alicia Parry
Roseman University Library Assistant