The Final Push: 10 Habits to Prepare You for Post-Grad Life

You’ve studied hard, aced all of your exams (or most of them), and finally, graduation day is in sight. After completing your education at the Roseman University of Health Sciences, you’ll be fully prepared to take the next step in your career, whether that’s pursuing post-graduate education or entering the workforce.

To make sure you’re ready to take the leap, here are ten habits that you can adopt now that will make the transition easier and help you get ready for success after graduating.

1. Build your professional network.

Never underestimate the value of personal connections. Building rapport with professors early on is helpful so that when it comes time to look for a job, you have a few contacts that can vouch for your skills. Connecting with alumni in your field is another good way to help get your foot in the door.

2. Start planning for what’s ahead.

It’s important to decide whether you’ll be looking for a job when you graduate, continue your education, or join a residency program. After deciding what’s best for you, figure out what steps you’ll need to take to make sure you’re successful, whether that’s completing your resume or studying for postgraduate exams.

3. Get — and stay — organized.

You’ll take in plenty of valuable information during the course of your studies in our pharmacy, nursing, dental or MBA programs. Don’t dump all of your notes when the semester is over. Keep everything organized so that you can easily access it later.

4. Expand your skill set.

As you start searching for jobs, if you notice that there is something missing from your skill set that potential employers want to see, spend some of your free time teaching yourself. If you’re always learning, it will help give you a competitive edge over other candidates.

5. Put a little effort into your appearance.

It turns out that there’s some truth in the old adage, “clothes make the man.” As you near the end of your college career, consider ditching the sweatpants and hoodie, and give your wardrobe an update. If you dress the part of a professional, you’ll start feeling that way too — and everyone around you will be sure to notice.

6. Start building healthy habits.

While it’s easy to slack off on your diet and exercise routine while you’re in school, building healthy habits now will make it easier to keep them later. Plus, if you feel better, it will give you the energy you need to power through what might at times seem like an insurmountable to-do list.

7. Learn to manage your time effectively.

For some of us, college gives us plenty of free time. That will all change once you graduate, however, and not knowing how to manage your time can make the transition difficult. Whether you’re working your first job or juggling your time between a residency and part-time work, effective time management skills are key to help you stay on top of everything.

8. Don’t give up.

It can be frustrating to receive multiple rejection letters, especially as you see your friends and classmates lining up jobs to start as soon as they graduate. Take what you learn from each interview and apply it to the next one. Eventually, you’ll find something that’s the right fit, as long as you keep applying.

9. Manage your stress level.

When you look at all of the things that you need to do to prepare for life after graduation, it can be overwhelming. Remember to stop and take a deep breath now and then. Focus on tackling one task at a time, and remember that not everything will go according to plan — and that’s okay.

10.Take a moment to celebrate your achievements.

You’ve worked hard to get where you are today. On your graduation day, as you look forward to all of the exciting opportunities that are waiting for you in the future, take a moment to be proud of everything you’ve accomplished so far.

At Roseman University of Health Sciences, we make sure our graduates are well-prepared to pursue their passion. To learn more about our program, contact us today.

Below you’ll find a quick infographic to remind you about the 10 habits to prepare yourself for life after graduation: