It Starts With a Vision: Our Mission at Roseman University

Dreams, life goals, personal and communal accomplishment — each of these things begins with a vision. This vision is of doing more, of improvement. Many people decide to attend an institution of higher learning as a part of seeing and acting upon a vision that they have for their lives.

When designing a goal or aiming for an objective, it’s common for people to locate values that will assist them in meeting these targets. It should be the same for a university. If a university has a vision but no plan to get there, no means of attaining its goals, it, just as an individual will fail — that’s why Roseman University of Health Sciences stands out.

Accomplishing Our Vision

To start, it’s important to know what is foundational to our university. We:

  • Educate and advance healthcare professionals via an innovative educational model
  • Disseminate new knowledge
  • Positively impact our community
  • Provide a supportive and synergistic environment in which students, staff, and faculty can be successful

Our vision, expanding upon that which is foundational, is to become the first choice for healthcare students among other higher education institutions, to be recognized as unconventional and transformative, and to function as an exciting, and refreshing place to learn.

In order to meet these goals, we decided, as a community, to implement some guiding core values that, when followed, will help us achieve not only our goals but the goals of the individuals who work or study within our network. Additional values that we believe stand out among the rest are:

  • Risk-taking
  • Innovation
  • Individual & Collective Achievement of Excellence
  • Passion & Commitment
  • Empowerment

These core values allow us to sustain growth within our institution, create a stimulating place to work and learn, push the envelope with how health education is taught, foster an environment that values achievement and leadership, and empower individuals and groups via collaboration.

Roseman University is so much more than an education. It is a revolution. Learn more about Roseman’s vision here: