Practical Tips for Using Canvas

On September 10, 2019, Dr. Dustin Christensen-Grant of the Roseman College of Pharmacy gave an excellent presentation on practical ways faculty can improve their use of the many features of the Canvas learning management system.  A video of his presentation has been posted here and some specific topics and highlights are noted below.

  • 4:13  Using Discussions
  • 14:25  Deleting items from course navigation
  • 15:27  Using My Mediasite
  • 23:31  Using the Chat feature
  • 22:40  Incorporating Google Drive
  • 24:36  Using Collaborations
  • 30:16  Using Conferences
  • 31:06  Quizzes
  • 38:27  Using Canvas Commons
  • 44:53  Finding People and making Group Sets
  • 46:55  Using Attendance
  • 48:34  Using Files
  • 50:50  Announcements and Notification settings
  • 54:50  Creating Assignments
  • 57:23  Settings
  • 59:58  Example course setup
  • 1:05:51  Creating Modules and Pages
  • 1:11:43  Creating a Course Calendar and Events

Dr. Christensen-Grant also prepared a handout for those just getting started with Canvas that outlines how to create a basic course structure. This handout can be downloaded here.

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Tyler Rose, PhD
Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Roseman University of Health Sciences College of Pharmacy