Dental Student Shares How He’s Spending His Time During the Pandemic

April 16, 2020
Tree trimming provides the ingredients to make lemonade.

I  appreciate, as a student, the opportunity to update you guys on what I’ve been up to! I feel like this pandemic has challenged me to seek out ways to stay active in my learning and keeping my brain “cobweb free.”

I have retreated to my family in Sebastopol, California where my uncle has a pediatric dental office. I have been graciously invited to observe all of the emergencies that call in my uncle, all of which have resulted in extractions of primary teeth. Being that I want to pursue pediatric dentistry, this has been a great experience. As a rising D4 student without any clinical experience at this time, observing these emergencies (there have been three) has been a huge blessing.

Also with my uncle, I have witnessed a Zoom gathering of pediatric dentists in the state of California where they discussed the status of the pediatric specialty in this pandemic. Mostly the gathering was to support fellow specialists and discuss practice management in this crazy time.

I have been participating in my quad’s meetings and completing some online activities. We have a team presentation to complete in May.

Lastly, I have returned to working as a handyman for friends and family in my hometown. I work outside and practice social distancing with clients. It’s been nice to get outside in sunny California and make some money on my downtime.

Best regards to any readers and SAFE HEALTH!

Simon Bell
DMD Candidate | Class of 2021
Roseman University of Health Sciences
College of Dental Medicine | South Jordan Campus

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