Healthcare: a Rapidly Changing Industry

October 2, 2013

Healthcare is one of the most rapidly changing industries, and the study of healthcare must therefore also be fluid. Several factors affect change in the healthcare world, and Roseman has a unique way of handling the challenge of teaching a field that is constantly improving and changing.

Advances in Technology

Undoubtedly the biggest factor in healthcare’s rapid change is constantly advancing technology. Professional researchers and scientists are forever searching for better ways to heal and help people: better machines, better techniques, better medicine. Each of these changes has the potential to revolutionize the way healthcare professionals care for patients. Roseman wants to ensure that our students stay at the cutting edge of these changes, which is why students participate in experiential education from the very beginning of all our programs, whether it’s in the dental simulation lab, using the latest simulation technology for oral health care, or in a pharmacy or clinical care facility where they are implementing the latest technology for patient care.

Changes With Laws & Regulations

Politics can and does affect the healthcare sciences, and it’s important that healthcare professionals stay updated on the current policies that affect healthcare practice and professionals in the fields of pharmacy, nursing, and dental medicine. Roseman University works with students to participate in national, state and local professional organizations that provide education about laws and regulations and advocate for the needs of the profession, so students understand the importance of staying updated on these changes throughout their careers.

Online Learning Tools

When you study history or literature, a textbook makes sense because the information in those books doesn’t change much over time. But when what you are studying fields like pharmacy, nursing, and dental medicine that change frequently, a printed-on-paper book can be outdated almost as soon as it is printed, and this traditional delivery system is unable to keep up with the rapid advances in technology and policy changes that matter to students. In order to avoid these pitfalls of physical books and to make certain that our students are current in their knowledge of healthcare advances, Roseman uses online learning technologies that provide the materials students need in downloadable digital files. By choosing online learning resources, Roseman guarantees that the texts you learn from are the most up-to-date available year after year.

In order to prepare students for a field that will be constantly changing throughout their careers, Roseman University structures its learning models, resources, and policies to ensure that every graduate is prepared for the career that lies ahead. Change in the healthcare world, and Roseman has a unique way of handling the challenge of teaching a field that is constantly improving and changing.