Q&A with Roseman University Black Student Union President Chante Coleman

February 24, 2021

The application deadline for Roseman University College of Pharmacy is next Monday, March 1st! There is a lot to consider when choosing the right school. Once you’ve decided on a field of study, other factors must be considered such as cost of enrollment, location, on-campus volunteer and learning opportunities, and student activities. For many prospective students, finding a school that addresses their unique interpersonal needs is a top priority. Will you feel like you belong?

Roseman University Black Student Union Members

One Roseman University College of Pharmacy student has made it her mission to create a safe space for Black students to learn at Roseman University. Let’s hear from Black Student Union President and P2 student Chante Coleman. She thrives to create an inclusive space for students of all races, backgrounds, and educational disciplines at Roseman University.

Thank you, Chante!

Tell us a little about yourself. 

My name is Chante Coleman. I am from Chicago, IL and I am currently a P2.  My entire life has consisted of two things, playing volleyball and wanting to be a doctor.  I’d say I’m pretty much a team player in all aspects of my life as I like to see others succeed and if there is anything I can do to assist, I always humbly offer to help.

Why did you choose Roseman University?  

I chose Roseman University because I was looking for a school that made sure students were more than a number.  Once I heard about Roseman University’s Six-Point Mastery Learning Model® and that even in the first year we would be getting hands-on pharmacy experience, I was pretty much sold; not to mention it was only three years instead of four years. 

Who or what inspired you to study pharmacy? 

My mother inspired my interest in pharmacy because she has been a miracle as she has always lived with a life-threatening disease that predominantly affects African Americans.  I thought studying pharmacy and being able to research would be my opportunity to help not only my mother but many others in the future. 

What is your personal dream career role? 

My personal career goals include going to residency and completing a specialty and hopefully being able to work in underserved communities with minorities.

What unique needs does BSU address for black COP students? 

BSU provides a safe space for blacks to come forward with opinions and even more importantly suggestions for future change.  BSU is also working to provide networking opportunities for black students post COVID-19 restrictions.  

Tell us about the history of BSU at Roseman University. 

BSU came to be following the extreme discontent around America regarding the unfortunate and untimely death of George Floyd.  I thought to myself while others were protesting for change, and some were posting on social media lobbying for change, what can I do within my own community to positively impact Black Americans. So, I immediately went to Dr. Oswald and shared my idea, and the rest was history. 

Please share with us some of your duties as BSU President. 

Duties as BSU President never really end as I’m sure with any startup organization there are so many things that happen behind the scenes to prepare the next year’s successors.  I currently schedule meeting times with my board, brainstorm fundraising ideas, create new positions of leadership to provide more opportunity to those who may be overlooked in other organizations, and try to communicate with the members as frequently as possible with updates and the latest news regarding BSU.

Please tell us about any upcoming events with Black Student Union. 

BSU has many events coming up, one of my favorite ideas we’ve come up with thus far is a Top Chef-inspired Zoom cook-off challenge.  That will be coming up pretty quickly in March.  

What makes Roseman University’s Black Student Union unique? 

Roseman University’s Black Student Union is unique because we are inclusive to all races, backgrounds, and educational disciplines at Roseman.  We also like to incorporate our members’ ideas and suggestions that come to life through our events.

If a pharmacy student is interested in joining BSU, what is the process? 

Joining BSU is simple. Just reach out to myself at ccoleman@student.roseman.edu and I would be happy to offer BSU membership at our low cost of $35.00.