Roseman University COGS Admissions Tip #2: Take Advantage of Scholarships & Fellowships!

July 27, 2021

Obtaining a degree requires a significant commitment of time and money regardless of your educational and professional goals. The time spent researching programs, applying, gaining admission, and studying for courses is an investment in your future. The cost of higher education is also an investment but one that can seem quite steep. However, don’t let tuition and fees deter you from following your passions and earning a graduate degree. There are many financial options to choose from that can delay or reduce the cost of attendance.

The first option that often comes to mind is to take out student loans which allow you to borrow the cost of tuition and fees while you are in school and then pay it back in monthly payments after graduation. However, the downside to taking out a student loan is that it can end up increasing your overall cost due to interest that must be paid on top of your tuition and fees.


Luckily, there are alternatives to ease the stress and cost of earning a degree. The best option is to find a program that aligns with your interests and offers scholarships or fellowships. Scholarships are given to students without any strings attached and do not need to be repaid after graduation. They can be awarded for many reasons, such as academic performance or as part of admission into a program. For instance, if you are interested in the pharmaceutical sciences, the College of Graduate Studies offers a Pharmaceutical Sciences Inaugural Scholarship worth up to $15,000 that is available to each student enrolled in the first Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences (MSPS) cohort this fall.

In addition to scholarships, you should also explore fellowship opportunities that could cover the entire cost of attendance. ProCaps Laboratories, a Nevada-based manufacturer of vitamins and supplements, is sponsoring two graduate student fellows during the 2021-2022 academic as part of the MSPS program.

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Monica D’Ottavio, MA
Roseman University of Health Sciences
Graduate Programs Coordinator
College of Graduate Studies & Office of Research

Roseman University’s College of Graduate Studies offers two master’s degree programs, Biomedical Sciences (MBS) and Pharmaceutical Sciences (MSPS). Both programs are designed for individuals like you seeking educational, developmental, and professional growth. Our HyFlex model offers the benefits of hybrid learning in a flexible course structure. You can choose to attend classes in person, participating online, or do both, according to need or preference.

Both our MBS and MSPS programs give you opportunities to advance your skills and increase your competitive edge in future educational aspirations or within your chosen field. Each program uses Roseman’s Six-Point Mastery Learning Model® to create mastery and competency in the biomedical and pharmaceutical sciences, research, business, and regulatory compliance in a collaborative and team-based environment with peers and faculty mentors.

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Remember: the early bird catches the worm! The deadline to apply to our graduate programs is August 1st.