Roseman University of Health Sciences Pharmacy Grads Conquer Board Exam

October 9, 2012

According to data received by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP), Roseman University is proud to report that its pharmacy graduates continue to post above-average results on the NAPLEX exam, the board exam required to become a registered pharmacist.

During the reporting period of May to August 2012, 181 of 182 Roseman University pharmacy graduates passed the exam on their first try, resulting in a first-time pass rate of 99.45 percent. This is above the national first-time passing rate of 97.2 percent and Nevada’s passing rate of 98.94 percent.  There were 11,412 candidates nationally that took the NAPLEX exam for the first time.

Scott Stolte, Dean, College of Pharmacy stated, “I’m very pleased with the NAPLEX results overall. It is an indication that [our graduates] perform well on the test, but I think it’s also an indication that the Roseman model we have here works and works well.”

The average score for Roseman University pharmacy graduates was 105.53, compared to the national average of 104.14. A Roseman University graduate was one of only seven pharmacy school graduates in the nation to score a 135.  “That in and of its self is incredible,” said Stolte. Additionally, 19 percent scored in the top 3.8 percent of total test takers nationally.

According to Stolte, Roseman University will continue to strive to be the best when it comes to the pass rate. “Roseman University is one of the larger colleges of pharmacy in the United States and if our graduates can achieve a 100 percent pass rate, which will always be my goal, then we can really say without any doubt at all that we’re one of the best pharmacy colleges in the country in terms of the preparing students to become competent and highly skilled pharmacists,” said Stolte.