Team Work Teaches Best

January 9, 2014

Roseman Universityteamwork enviornment at Roseman UniversityMany schools today experience problems with students who are cheating or engaging in dishonest behavior to try and get ahead. In a competitive educational world, where graduating at the top of your class is the most important thing, it’s no wonder students resort to unhealthy (and sometimes unethical) behaviors to try and stay on top. At Roseman University of Health Sciences, we offer a unique approach to education, where students learn in a non-competitive, collaborative environment so they can truly learn the materials, and not just try to get the highest grade.

Non-Competitive Learning

Graduate education is a competitive field, and many programs have high levels of competition within the programs. Students are compelled to do anything to succeed, because in programs that grade “on a curve” a certain percentage of the class is guaranteed to fail. In some cases, this can lead to students becoming so desperate they are willing to cheat just to stay in the program. At Roseman, we encourage the opposite. Our classes and curriculum are designed to be non-competitive. Our goal is not for one student to be better than another, but rather for each student to reach their full potential, allowing for everyone who enters the program to be successful if they work hard and learn the material.

Collaborative Learning

Every student learns a little differently—some learn better by lecture, others with hands-on activities, and others by working in groups. To facilitate all of these different learning styles, each Roseman classroom has several breakout rooms. It is here that collaborative learning occurs—where students get a chance to work with their classmates as if they were colleagues, rather than competitors. Roseman students are frequently assigned group work, including presentations and research papers. By working together with a group of your peers to further your health science knowledge, you prepare for the workplace, where collaboration is common, and competition benefits no one.

Teamwork-Based Learning

At Roseman, students are divided into teams from the very beginning of the program. Just like in the workplace, students may be assigned to work with someone they don’t really get along with, but they are expected to work together to achieve their goal. This mirrors real life, where people of different opinions and styles are required to work together, and expected to get results despite their differences. The goal of these groups is to increase the understanding of each individual team member. When each person in the group succeeds, the group as a whole succeeds as well.

If you like the idea of working with a group of supportive fellow students who want you to succeed as much as they themselves want to succeed, then is the health sciences school for you.