Three Reasons Healthcare Careers are in Demand

April 15, 2013

Many college students wonder what degree they should earn and which field they should enter. When making this choice, there are many reasons to choose a career in one of the growing, high-demand healthcare fields.

A Basic Human Need

When money is tight and times get tougher economically for families across the country, certain sectors stop growing. Retail spending may drop as the economy stagnates because people reevaluate their purchases, checking for necessity. As they find they can live without a new pair of shoes or that an old yard tool can make do for another year, their trips to retail stores decrease. Healthcare expenses, however, can usually pass the test of “is this necessary?” The reason is that healthcare addresses a basic human need; the need to be safe and well, and because of this, even when times are tough, people who are sick or injured still go to the doctor’s office or the hospital, and they still need the attention of trained professional healthcare providers. Regardless of the economic times, there is a near-constant demand for healthcare professionals.

Jobs Available Across the Globe

The need for competent doctors, nurses, dentists and pharmacists is not unique to one state or one region, it is something that people all over the country, and even throughout the world, have in common. For that reason, a career in healthcare gives you seemingly endless options for where you want to live—whether in a rural part of the west, a populated city back east, or anywhere in between. As someone armed with the knowledge and skills needed to treat and prevent disease and illness, you can often find employment, wherever you want to go.

The Power to Help

Empowering yourself with the ability to serve and heal others is an excellent and fulfilling career choice. Medical professionals like doctors and nurses play a vital role in patient care, and are always needed for complete treatment of people and diseases. With a growing (and aging) population, more and more patients seek information and counsel from their pharmacists, who can help patients understand medication, potential interactions, and proper uses. Since oral health is such a vital part of our overall health, dentists will also continue to be in demand.

The demand for healthcare professionals continues to grow, so if you dream of a fulfilling career with almost limitless potential for growth, consider becoming a competent healthcare provider with a degree in pharmacy, dental medicine, or nursing.