The History of Roseman University: A Timeline

Picture this: a 900 square foot office in Henderson, Nevada. Inside this office lives an idea: Pharmacy education can be and should be better. It should be able to produce highly-competent graduates with experience in their field before they graduate, and, upon graduation, these individuals should be sought after, no matter the job market.

Seems too good to be true, right? Not to Dr. Harry Rosenberg.

Dr. Rosenberg believed these ideas to the core of his very being — that’s why, in this small office, he began Roseman University’s predecessor: the Nevada College of Pharmacy (NCP).

A Bold Move

Starting a new college of pharmacy was a risk based on principle alone. A brand new college of pharmacy hadn’t been opened in over 50 years, so Rosenberg knew he had to fight an uphill battle. And that’s what it was. There were issues with financing, accreditation, licensing, and so on, but by 2001, the NCP opened its doors to an inaugural class of 38 students.

Exponential Growth

In the years following, the NCP grew and grew. Just one year after opening, NCP’s class size more than doubled, and they rented a facility more than 30 times larger than that original office space. In less than three years after they opened their doors, the Nevada College of Pharmacy moved locations to the 100,000 square foot campus it is located at today in Henderson, Nevada.

NCP soon began offering additional degrees, and, as a result, the institution’s Board of Trustees implemented a name change: University of Southern Nevada. In 2006, the College of Pharmacy extended its program to a new campus in South Jordan, Utah. In just five years, the university had not only flourished in Nevada; it grew to be a two-state accredited institution. In 2011, to reflect the growth, the University of Southern Nevada changed names to Roseman University of Health Sciences.

New Programs

In the beginning, NCP only offered one program: Pharmacy. Now Roseman University of Health Sciences offers a myriad of programs to their 1,600 students included in their Colleges of Medicine, Dental Medicine, Pharmacy, and Nursing. They also offer an MBA.

Roseman University will continue to expand as the years go on, training more students to become sought-after medical professionals shortly after graduation. To learn more about Roseman University or to apply to any of our programs, contact us!