What Makes Roseman Different?

February 19, 2014

Roseman University, Utah
Roseman University is dedicated to providing the best education to graduate only the highest level students who are prepared to learn, master the content, apply their knowledge, and become excellent professionals in their chosen field.

A Roseman Education is Challenging

At many colleges and universities throughout the U.S. the standard for a “passing” grade is to achieve at least a C grade or higher, that is not the case at Roseman University. Instead of subscribing to a traditional A-F letter grade scale, Roseman’s courses are strictly “pass” or “no-pass.” In order to achieve a passing grade, every student must achieve 90% or better on all of their assessments throughout the entire program. This means that literally every student who graduates from Roseman is an A student, and that every professional who is educated at Roseman has a mastery of the content that is taught in their chosen healthcare field.

While this may seem like a very high bar to set for students, the reasoning is simple: when it comes to healthcare professionals, the decisions they make on a daily basis in the workplace have a profound impact on the health and wellness of their patients. Having a comprehensive understanding of their field of study means they can provide better care than someone who graduated with only partial understanding.

Roseman is for Content Mastery

With the standard A-F grading scale eliminated, Roseman’s entire curriculum is centered around content mastery. Subjects are taught in blocks, which means students only study one subject at a time. This encourages mastery by allowing you the freedom to focus your whole attention on that subject, instead of trying to divide your time and attention between different topics that are equally vital to your future career. If you achieve 90% or higher, you move on to the next block. If you do not, you have several chances to master the content. You can read more about the Roseman assessment model on our website:

Applying Your Knowledge Outside the Classroom

We understand that everyone has different learning styles, learning from a book or lecture, doing hands-on activities, and applying that learning in a real-world settings all contribute to mastery of medical content. That’s why we provide you with learning of all types, including lots of hands-on application in the classroom and experiential learning outside of the classroom. As a nursing student, you’ll practice your bedside manner in a hospital ward lab right here on campus. The lab is equipped with real hospital equipment and life-like dummies, and of course, with experienced professors to guide you on your way. Dental students apply their knowledge in a state-of-the-art simulation lab, then eventually in Roseman’s dental clinic, which provides discounted dental services to the public. If you’re interested in pharmacy, you’ll spend time in a pharmacy starting in your first year, then spend your entire last year doing advanced pharmacy practical experience (APPE) in various professional settings.

Roseman is for Excellent Professionals

If you’re considering Roseman, you’re considering taking the first step to becoming a well-qualified professional nurse, dentist or pharmacist, who knows what to do, and has both the classroom knowledge and the real-world experience doing it. We won’t send you out into the workplace with only book knowledge; when you graduate from Roseman, you will take a natural step from practicing under a professor’s supervision to practicing under your own discretion.

At Roseman, we take pride in preparing our students to be the best in the business. Come find out what a difference a Roseman education can make.