Roseman University of Health Sciences


Message from the Vice President for Research 

Welcome to Research at Roseman University of Health Sciences. The University has assembled outstanding teams of world-class researchers focusing on health issues that have a tremendous impact on populations in the U.S. and beyond, including Type-1 and Type-2 Diabetes, Obesity, many forms of Cancer (with emphasis on Breast Cancer, Lung Cancer, Melanoma, Mesothelioma, Ovarian Cancer, Pancreatic Cancer and Prostate Cancer), Alzheimer’s and Parkinson's Disease, Cardiovascular Diseases and Stem Cells in Regenerative Medicine.  Our researchers have set up the most advanced medical research instrumentation currently available within this region of the U.S. (e.g. CARS Microscopy, NanoPro 1000 ("Advanced Nano-Proteomics" based on exquisitely-sensitive Capillary Electrophoresis), TIRF/high-speed Confocal Microscopy, and Roseman's Patent-pending new ultrasensitive Near-Infrared Fluorescence (NIRF)-based Technology for Protein Kinase Catalytic Activity) and have built collaborations with renowned researchers from around the globe to make important new discoveries that will lead to new diagnostic tools and new ways of preventing and treating these diseases.

We invite you to learn more about our research teams, their advanced medical research instrumentation, and their groundbreaking research programs.  Click on the specific Research Center/Program at Roseman University, listed on the left.

Ronald R. Fiscus, Ph.D.

Vice President for Research, Director of the Diabetes & Obesity Research Center, Director of the Alzheimer's & Parkinson's Disease Resarch Center, Senior Sceintist in the  Cancer Research Center, Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences in the College of Pharmacy,



Roseman University is home to world-class research dedicated to finding new, more effective ways of preventing and treating various diseases.