Roseman University Announces Winners of Ninth Annual Research Symposium

February 24, 2023

Roseman University held its Ninth Annual Research Symposium on February 22 at its Henderson campus. An event to be held on Roseman’s South Jordan, Utah campus was canceled due to extreme weather conditions. Open to the public, the event on the Henderson campus featured 59 research posters and three podium presentations by Roseman students, residents, faculty, preceptors, and guests from other institutions in the surrounding region.

This year’s research abstracts covered a wide range of topics in various areas including bench-top science, clinical research, and educational research. They independently and collectively represented prodigious planning, methodical execution, and deeply insightful findings covering everything from oral health to diabetes and infectious diseases.

Student and resident presentations were judged by a panel of internal Roseman faculty and external researchers to award the top research projects. The winners were announced at the close of the event, and included students and residents from Roseman University, Touro University Nevada, UNLV Kirk Kerkorian School of Medicine,  Coral Academy of Science, Dignity Health St. Rose Dominican Hospitals and MountainView Hospital.

Podium Presenters

Albert Diep, PharmD, Resident, Infectious Diseases Pharmacy Residency Program, MountainView Hospital – “Evaluating the appropriateness of initial febrile neutropenia treatment at an acute care hospital”

Brian Decker, DMD, Orthodontic Resident, Roseman University College of Dental Medicine AEODO Residency Program – “Evaluation of remineralization of white spot lesions with quercetin nanoparticles”

Desiree Chong, PharmD Candidate 2024, Roseman University College of Pharmacy – “Efficacy of implementing an end-of-day quiz and its impact on academic performance and student attendance in a three-year Doctorate of Pharmacy program”

Research in Progress

1st Place – Danielle Valls, Student, Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences Program, Roseman University College of Graduate Studies – “Development of a Method for Detecting and Quantifying Epicatechin in Cinnamon Extract Supplement Capsules”

2nd Place – Belinda Liu, Student, Touro University Nevada – College of Medicine – “Gastral Projections: Comorbidity of Cryptosporidiosis and Inflammatory Bowel Disease”

3rd Place – Megan Farrell, Resident, Pharmacy Residency Program, Dignity Health St. Rose Dominican Hospitals – “Efficacy of Pharmacy Managed Conversion of Intravenous Insulin Infusion to Subcutaneous Insulin in Cardiac Surgery Patients”

Student Presented Research

1st Place – Shreya Govindaraj, Student, Class of 2023, Coral Academy of Science – “Impact of Progesterone Surge in Oral Health and Hygiene”

2nd Place – Mehri Dolati, PharmD Candidate 2024, Roseman University College of Pharmacy – “Exploring the Influence of Dopamine Using Caenorhabditis Elegans as an Experimental Model”

3rd Place – Axel Rivas, Student, UNLV Kirk Kerkorian School of Medicine – “Hemorrhagic Septic Emboli and Ring Enhancing Lesions Mimicking Neurocysticercosis”

Resident Presented Research

1st Place – Chi Xin Yao, PharmD, Resident, Pharmacy Residency Program, MountainView Hospital – “Antipsychotic use in the intensive care unit (ICU) for treatment of delirium and agitation”

2nd Place – Manar Alkahby, PharmD, Resident, Pharmacy Residency Program, MountainView Hospital – “Evaluation of nasal mupirocin use in intermediate medical care units at an acute care hospital”

3rd Place – Gabrielle Szczeblowski, PharmD, Resident, Pharmacy Residency Program, MountainView Hospital – “Evaluating the appropriateness and compliance of heparin infusion protocols in an acute care hospital”

For details of these and other research projects presented at the Research Symposium, download the Abstract Book at