Roseman University of Health Sciences

College of Medicine

Penn_MarkGreetings! It is my privilege to welcome you to the Roseman University College of Medicine website. I invite you to periodically check our website to see our growth as we lay a strong foundation of excellence for our College, brick by brick.

Our goal is to have this foundation evolve into a premier private allopathic medical college, with a target of 60 medical students. It takes the right people – faculty, administrators, and staff – to begin and maintain this very important process - people who feel called to serve and to make a difference. You will see us grow in substantial numbers over the next several years. And, eventually we will have medical students on our campus, and who will be walking throughout our community. Just imagine the energy, the enthusiasm, the excitement!

The Values of the College are critical foundational bricks that we will use to help us in our journey as we develop our College. One of those very important values we cherish is Community. Roseman University was founded in southern Nevada and we are proud that our College of Medicine is housed in the community of Summerlin. We consider it a privilege to be part of our community.

Listening to You, our Community... Before starting our medical college it was important to take time to listen to the citizens of our local community, health care professionals, leaders and others before taking that first step. It was essential for us to understand our community needs before beginning, and it is essential for us to continue to partner with our community as we build to the future. In that way, we will be successful in accomplishing our mission of improving the health of the communities of Southern Nevada and the Intermountain West.

Together we will make a positive difference!


Mark A. Penn, MD, MBA
Founding Dean